Nurulbalqis 'Olive' Izzuddin ; 16 years old.

“Time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so."

2013; half of the year.

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me; in front of Kustechs building :D

Assalamualaikum and greetings :) I left this blog for almost two years, haha. Lol-ing at my grammars when I was in form 2. How stupid I was. So, hi :) Things changed, eh? I, myself, had been transferred into an engineering school, so, I met new friends. Aha, they are the best though, but I miss them old girls. Talking about this new school, err, should I point this out? I don't really like this thing - seniors can do what they want, but they are the first persons to avoid juniors from doing what they want. you get me? ahem, let's just say, being friends with guys. I don't understand em. Haha. Whatevee, I don't like befriending with guys too, though. 

So...., I met lots of guys here . __ .; Some are scary, some are nice, few are 'lembut', and some are just too, uh, cannot be trusted that much :3 I spend my days here watching the 'anak dara' gang, haha, they are the cutest things ever on Earth, I have to admit. I'd a crush on one of'em, but not a big crush. He's just the cutest there and I like seeing him from afar. Well something happened, like, he asked his friend to pass a Kinder Bueno to me. Lol, that was weird. And few days later, when me and few friends were hanging out, we bumped into him and his dorm mates. So, I heard one of his dorm mates had a crush on me. Lol, funny. We were heading back to school that time, and he called my friend, asking her to give me an ice cream he bought. I don't understand him, really! Yet we never talked. I don't know if he had feelings towards me, haha. But I tried not to be close with him, because the seniors would get mad at me. And that's the most scary thing :/

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