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New Fanfic Submitted.

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Assalamualaikum and wassup, peeps :3
Whoa, it's been a long time since my last update, eh?
Because today I'm going to focus on my PMR, I will stop posting anything for now.

Btw, here's a new idea for my new fic.

C.A.P lives with his single mother after she was divorced. For him, having a mother in his life is enough, and his life was just fine when an elder guy introduced himself as his mom’s boyfriend. But for C.A.P, it’s nothing for him to get a new dad. He doesn’t mind at all.


He thought there’s only a new person come into his life, but it’s two.
His mother’s boyfriend has a son, a year younger than him, much handsomer than him.
It is his new step-brother, L.Joe.
Damn it, he won’t share his mother’s love with anyone younger than him.

Oh God.” That’s what the first word comes out from his mouth after he knew about that.

I’m a big brother after all,” That evil sense slips into his heart. “I will dirty his mind, make he is the worst boy people ever seen.” And C.A.P’s plan starts as the handsome guy moves to his new house.
Pretty easy, that’s what C.A.P thought. Will C.A.P succeed?

Minsoo/CAP, 19.
He’s a young guy who needs full of his mother’s care somehow.
He hates people younger than him, that’s the point.
Do action louder than words, never speak up what he thoughts.

Byunghun/L.Joe, 18.
He is C.A.P’s step-brother.
Likes to be in his own world – or known as a 4D.
And he likes CAP the best.
He never fights back what CAP asks him to do.

Here's the link of this fic;

CAPJoe FTW >:3

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