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It's More Quiet.

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Assalamualaikum and hello, fellas :]

I didn't post anything for quite a long time. Tell me, what happened because I missed everything :D
So, I have nothing to do this holiday except facing the television all the time. My computer is broken, sucks isn't it? So that's why I can't face the computer screen. Hah, it has been really quite in the house and all that I can hear is my siblings fighting all the time.

I watched Entertainment Weekly this week and there was a report saying K-Pop's lyrics are sucks since they use wrong Hangul grammar and repetitive English words which doesn't tell the story of the songs at all. And I think that is totally true. Classic Korean songs are better than nowadays songs. Like when I heard Malay songs using English words in the lyrics, and that's really pissed me off, and the same goes to the Koreans.

And finally, I wished all of you a Happy New Year and for all the Christians, Merry Christmas. May 2012 brings you and your family prosperity and joy.

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