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*swag king

assalamualaikum and hello, peeps :]
woah, what a relieve, exam is over, so i don't have to study till next year, when i'll facing PMR.
hazirah tagged me with a bunch of silly questions. okay, i'll answer yours.

1) Infinite or teen top? * INFINITE!! saya sedang menghasut kamu 
Kidding me? INFINITE of course!

2) Infinite cute tak? * cakap cute! kalau x aku bunuh :PP 

3) Block B or B1A4? 
Block B for sure :]

4) B2ST or MBLAQ? 

5) lagu apa yang anda suka?
 Ssam D - Cheerz :D

6) tarian mana lagi susah BE MINE, PARADISE ke BTD? 
 Paradise kot. kot lah.

7) KPOP ke Mpop? 

8) Antara Woohyun dengan Sungjong, siapa lagi cute? 
Namstar! *Throwing hearts :D Er, Sungjong kot. Namstar cute kot. WooJong cute. Ah, lantaklah. Wa lagik cute.

9) Suara siapa lagi sedap, Sunggyu ke Woohyun? 
Sunggyu - playing with technique. Woohyun - traditionalism. 

10) P.O ke TOP? 
P.O for sure ;)

11) Junra ke Junseung?
JunSeung! JunSeung! Hara, get out from Junhyung's life! We want to see Jun and Hyunseung ending up together, married, adopt a child and live happily ever after, Junseung, yayy!

okay, dah macam tak betul dah. k, tengah sambung fanfic :D

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