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I'm Back :D

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Assalamualaikum and hello, peeps :D
Huah, cuba kau kira berapa tahi lalat dalam blog ni? Gyeahh, almost 100+.
So I decided to change the skin, and, whoa, a lot, eh? I'm tired of dark colours and dark stuffs, thus you can see childish things in my blog, and all the materials are mine. And I've got this inspiration from Coffee Cottage, her template is awesome.

Next year, yes, I'll face PMR so my mom told me please don't spending all your time in front of computer. And I thinking of having this site to someone else. But I'm thinking of it. I'll tell who's interested to take over this site. Oh yes, I'm sorry, I've deleted my FB account for some reasons. If you're gonna ask me something, there's shoutbox, Twitter and... duh, I think that's all.

And now I'm busy with Roleplaying and fanfic on so don't ask me where'd I go. Kthen, Assalamualaikum :]

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