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The Shaded Mirror [Part 1]

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Hey, guys! First fanfic. Insya Allah, akan sambung jika rajin. baca dulu, ok?

Shaded Mirror

Sungyeol is in 3rd year in a college right now. So he asked his mom to live by his own. He rented a house at the edge of the forest, owned by an old man named Park Jinyoung who seemed a little strange. But, strange or not, he doesn’t care because the rent is just too low, besides his salary isn't enough to rent a better house than that one. Yes, the house is just okay, nothing mystery about it.

             Sungyeol is having a little pressure about his assignment. What shall he do for his next assignment? While Mr. Lee is having trouble with the dateline, which is, he means it to pass it into his hand, TOMORROW! So he goes to Myungsoo’s place, about five kilometers from his house, sharing the same problem with him. About three kilometers away, uhh, he does not bring the worksheets. SHIT =,=’. So he turns back to his house.

             “What the heck?! Where did I put it?” Sungyeol seems so angry when he founds the worksheets aren’t on the table he used to put it on. Few minutes later, someone rings the bell.

              “Come in!” Sungyeol shouts without want to know whose coming.

               Myungsoo opens the door slowly. “Hey, you okay, man?”

               Sungyeol looks toward Myungsoo. “Oh, there you are Myungsoo! I was just about to visit yours. What a shock that you come first.”

               “You…, were looking for something?”

               “Yes. Wanna give me a hand?” Sungyeol smirks a bit. “I lost my worksheets, Myungsoo! I put it on this table, when I get out from my house, they all missing!”

                “Oh my, the due is tomorrow, Yeollie! How could you lost it?!” Myungsoo holds Sungyeol’s both shoulders. “How could you? How could you?”

                 Sungyeol starts to cry. He puts his face onto Myungsoo’s chest and cries out loud.

                “Shh… Okay, buddy. We will find it together, okay?” Myungsoo tries to persuade Sungyeol when he finds out his t-shirt is wet by Sungyeol’s tears.

*yes, Myungyeol!

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