Nurulbalqis 'Olive' Izzuddin ; 16 years old.

“Time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so."

sorry i was not right there

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assalamualaikum semua :]
okay, so this story started like this.
me and 2DAY have made a Americano chocolate cake.
woah, and we think it's really tasty.
so when i reached school yesterday morning, when i entered the class, those brat boys came toward me and make noises like monkeys. #woa, kek. kek yeah, kinda.
i put the cake on my table and they were just like #eleh, eleh
that made me very annoyed. *pfft
today i'm absent. i'd a painful headache and my whole body is aching but i didn't tell my momma.
I said : "Mama, malas la nak pergi sekolah."
then my momma nodded so here I am. :]


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