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my blog's new theme: doodle

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assalamualaikum w.b.t
ouch ! so much homework I have to do . makes me no time for on-line ~
heyy semua ! ohh yeah ! new look , eh ?
so i was thinking about my blog's new look, because i m already sick to see that polka and whatsoever thingy, and this idea was from a friend of mine, Miss Fie ., well yeah ., because i'm doodling right now , so she might want to see my whole blog full of doodles .,

for the first i changed the background , ouch ! my mind was setting a first word - crowded; and followed by the other word - stuffy . but then , i tried to think , well, this is the real doodle , doodles are made by pencil , not computer's software or whatsoever , and usually doodles are always crowded and stuffy .,

so, i love it ., if you're trying to hate my blog's new look , please tell me , is it so suffocating and hurting your eyes ? and i'll change it ., just for ya ..,

thanks once again ., i love u ♥ :)

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