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antara kawan dan lawan

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assalamualaikum w.b.t

hmm ., getting mad at FaceBook thingy ., haih =,='
so i just commented on someone's grammar and then he got mad at me .,
he wrote 'excuse me dear's' ., and then i told him that it was totally wrong ! Therefore, i just wanna translate the word for fun ., and it became 'maafkan saya baik saya' .,
i told him the word and he was mad at me and then he said that bajet word to me .,
yes he's from UK (not Ulu Kelang, it's United Kingdom) ., so it'll be totally the funniest joke ever if he wrote wrong grammar in his sentence .,
and he said that i'm 'penyibuk' whatsoever .,
and and then he gave his comment on that post like this;
"the deal is......
can u stop typing dat **** or i'll be more aggresive...!!!!

ohh., I AM soooo scared .,, i started it with good words and then he became very arrant and wrote those things like he's controlling me ., =,=? what the hell ??

and he always resembled me with that phrase" i'm bajet" and he asked me "kau tu perfect sangat ke??" that drove me very mad that i could not show how furious i m for him on those posts ., and and i felt like i wanted to "bagi dia makan but KRS saya" but then i istighfar many many times ., and he always said those "PERFECT" word ., ! okay , i'm not perfect ! (but i'm a prefect!) ., heyy ., and all the comments i used to write were using "saya" dan "kamu" ., *isn't that so nice?* ., so that means i don't wanna involve with any bad conversation .,

i'm so sorry , bad grammar because no time for checking those words .,

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