Nurulbalqis 'Olive' Izzuddin ; 16 years old.

“Time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so."

doodlie doodles :)

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assalamualaikum, pals , fellas , or enemies all around the world .,
well, if u asking me about what will i do whenever i feel bored or lonely ., here's the answer;

1. i 'll drawing doodles
2. i 'll viewing my blog
3. i 'll reading novels

but i love drawing, all the time , whenever, wherever, and sometimes i'll doodling in my class ,

There's nothing on that paper, except uhh.., ME? a Muslim girl, a girl with short hair and a boy with a 'songkok'., and that charcoal is my father's , not mine .,, and i'll surely in trouble if he know i used his charcoal without permission X( ..,

I call this girl , Marie Doolittle ., *well , isn't she so sweet?*

And this is a confession of me ., i miss something , but i don't know what i missed of ., uhh.., INTERNET maybe?

Another , i confess something , i really hate drawing hands , thats why i draw a circle as my drawings' hands., kinda like 'DORAEMON's hand., :)

A cute Muslim girl , i really love this drawing ., :)


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