Nurulbalqis 'Olive' Izzuddin ; 16 years old.

“Time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so."

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Assalamualaikum y'all c:
Yay for posting a post after almost a year I left this thing alone hah
So, yay again since I've lots of stuffs to tell ya. My friends told me I've changed, people told me I've becoming cuter ew what jkjk hha.

There's someone who won my heart duh whateve I know but please let me begin. I've a crush on one of his friends, a rugby player; he's tall, handsome and I know, with that face he can protect me from bad stuffs. Oh well, he never noticed me. Tapi satu hari tu, hari sukan, si R ni main tarik tali omg. Can you imagine otot lengan dia yang kekar dan keras macam Fahrin Ahmad tu gosh I'm drooling :') My boy knows I've a crush on him and started being sarcastic like facing me and said; "Go R_____(my crush's name here)!" Lai lai lai so

Happy fasting people! Ramadan Kareem! Ok bye bye

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